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Jeffrey A. Neale – MD

Dr. Jeffrey Neale obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He received his medical degree and a master’s degree in hyperbaric medicine at the University of St Eustatius. Dr. Neale completed his general surgical residency at Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Philadelphia. He then completed a colorectal surgery fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.


Doctor Neale is a member of the:

  • American Society of Colon and Rectal Sugeons
  • The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)
  • American College of Surgeons
  • International College of Surgeons
  • Lee County Medical Society
  • Florida Medical Society



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Doctor Jeff Neale goes live on the air with Lee Pitts to discuss Colon health and how one can help prevent Colon Cancer

Industry Contributions and Presentations:

  • Neale J, Reickert C, Rubinfeld I. The Accuracy of the NSQIP Model In Predicting Morbidity In The Colectomy Population.

ASCRS May, 2011.


  • Neale J, Tsiouris, A Nalamati S, Times M. Risk factors for C. difficile of the ileum following total abdominal colectomy with or without proctocolectomy..What is the risk ??? 

Michigan Chapter of the ACS May, 2010.


  • Neale J, Times M, Szilagy E, Nalamati S, Three Port Robotic right hemicolectomy, A systematic approach to set up and surgery.

Michigan Chapter of ASCRS Nov, 2009.


Articles Written:

Retrorectal Tumors – Jeffrey A. Neale MD

Clostridium Difficile of the Ileum Following Total Abdominal Colectomy, With or Without Proctectomy: Who Is at Risk? – Jeffrey A. Neale MD

Cerebral and Choroidal Metastases with Retinal detachement, Secondary to Rectal Cancer: A case report – Jeffrey A. Neale MD