Industry Contributions

The Medical Doctors at The Colorectal Institute are committed in helping to lead the way in understanding the fight against diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus.    We welcome our peers to view our published contributions:

Efficacy of Anal Fistula Plug vs. Fibrin
Glue in Closure of Anorectal Fistulas – Janette Gaw MD

Long-Term Functional and Quality of Life
Outcomes After Coloanal Anastomosis for Distal Rectal Cancer – Janette Gaw MD

Retrorectal Tumors – Jeffrey A. Neale MD

Clostridium Difficile of the Ileum Following Total Abdominal Colectomy, With or Without Proctectomy: Who Is at Risk? – Jeffrey A. Neale MD

Cerebral and Choroidal Metastases with Retinal detachement, Secondary to Rectal Cancer: A case report – Jeffrey A. Neale MD

Contributions by Nagesh Ravipati MD:
1. Prepyloric Intramural Lipoma of the Stomach – Laparoscopic Transgastric Excision    04/2007
“In-Room Video Loop” Presentation
Ravipati NB, Harold KL
Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)
Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Laparoscopic assisted restorative proctocolectomy with creation of ileal J pouch and loop ileostomy.
Video presentation.                        02/2009
C Seo, N Ravipati, S Wexner
International colorectal diseases symposium, Fort Lauderdale.

3. Gracillis muscle interposition for recurrent crohn’s disease rectovaginal fistula.
Video presentation.
B Bashankaev, C Seo, N Ravipati, S Shawki, S Wexner.
American College of Surgeons (ACS) annual meet.                Oct, 2009.

Peer-reviewed Articles

  • Norhona W, Ravipati NB, Zaparde V, Desai AN.  Spontaneous (idiopathic) perforation of the normal sigmoid colon (case report).  Indian Journal of Surgery 1993; 55(8):426-8.
  • Are C, Raman SP, Ravipati NB, Talamini MA.  Decreased uterine blood flow during laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication.  Journal of Gynaecologic Surgery 2004, 20(4): 113-118
  • Ravipati NB, Mason M, Harold KL.  Endometriosis in a surgical scar (case report).  Resid Staff Physician 2006 May; 52(5):41-2.
  • Ravipati N, Pockaj B, Harold KL.  Laparoscopic mesh repair for transverse rectus abdominus muscle and deep inferior epigastric flap harvest site hernias.  Surg Laparosc Endosc Percutan Tech 2007 Aug;17(4):345-8.
    PMID: 17710066
  • Ravipati NB, Mason MC, McMahan LE, Pockaj BA, Harris LA.  Colonoscopy-induced splenic trauma: Strive for conservative management.  Surg Rounds 2007 Dec, Vol.30, No.12:566-570.
  • Ravipati NB, Mclemore EC, Schlinkert RT, Argueta R.  Anterior mediastinotomy for parathyroidectomy.  Am J Surg 2008 June, Vol. 195, Issue 6: 799-802

Abstracts and Letters

  • Ravipati NB, Pockaj BA, Gray RJ, Casey WJ.  Dermal melanoma: Primary melanoma without an epidermal component or metastatic disease?  Ann Surg Oncol 2007 Feb; 14(2 Suppl S):69.
  • Ravipati NB, Mclemore EC, young-Fadok T, Heppel J, Efron J. Colonoscopy for rectal bleeding: What’s the yield? Abstract.ASCRS, June, 2008.
  • Jonathan Efron MD, Daniel Lawes MD, MBBS, Nagesh Ravipati MBBS, Leonard Gunderson MD, Mathew Callister MD, Paul Magtibay MD, Tonia Young-Fadok MD, MS and Jacques Heppell MD.
    The use of radical surgery with Intra-Operative Electron Beam Radiation Therapy (IOERT) for locally recurrent and locally advanced rectal cancer: A comparative review. Abstract, South West Surgical Society. March, 2008.