Fight Back Against Your Hemorrhoids and Win

If the Internet has been your research tool of choice regarding hemorrhoids, look no further.  It is easy to imagine that you are in dire need of practical, effective advice.   The advice contained in this article will offer some practical tips about treating your hemorrhoids, but the best advice we can have is to schedule an appointment to be seen by one of our board certified colorectal doctors at THE COLORECTAL INSTITUTE.


One the easiest and best ways to lessen the risk of hemorrhoids is to get plenty of water in your diet. Be sure that you drink eight tall glasses of water at a minimum, as well as other nourishing beverages every day to keep from becoming constipated.    Drinking plenty of water is a must for those with a history of hemorrhoids.  Maintaining  your hydration equates to having easier bowel movements.  Also, you need to limit the consumption of both caffeine products and alcohol.



If you think you have hemorrhoids, please understand it is VERY IMPORTANT to be seen by your doctor.  As Lee County’s only Board Certified Colorectal surgeons, many of our patients that come in believing they only have a case of hemorrhoids, many times have some other disease of the colon and rectum that if left untreated may rapidly become life threatening.   EARLY DETECTION of Colon Cancer is therefore your best defense at beating it!    Most individuals have trouble discerning the difference between hemorrhoids and colon polyps, therefore if you have any growth, rectal bleeding, or change in bowel habits, we advise you schedule a quick check-up with one of our physicians to accurately diagnose what may be causing your symptoms.


Getting enough vitamins and supplements daily will assist you in managing hemorrhoids, over the years. If your diet is less than ideal, a supplement and/or vitamin will ensure that your body receives needed nutrients.


Avoid sitting on the toilet if you have the urge to go. Waiting on the toilet puts on unnecessary pressure on your lower body.   Gravity can also worsen hemorrhoids, so ensure that you are ready to go before you sit on the toilet.


It is vital to keep the area with hemorrhoids clean. Use moist wipes to clean up instead of toilet paper. You can also try out a sitz bath. Taking a lukewarm bath will help to relieve the pain, itching and swelling that usually accompany hemorrhoid flare-ups.   About 20 minutes of soaking should provide some relief.


For hemorrhoids that seem to be protruding outside your body, try to gently nudge them back where they belong. You should wash your hands thoroughly before trying this to avoid introducing bacteria into the area and increasing your inflammation.    However, if you have protruding hemorrhoids we advise you to see a doctor for this very common and treatable condition.


Squatting while passing stool will make the process easier and avoid flare-ups. While it may feel a little unnatural at first, by squatting, instead of sitting, hemorrhoid pain can be avoided.


Making sure your body has enough fiber is a great way to relieve any hemorrhoid pain. This is vital because when you don’t consume foods with fiber, you end up having hard stools and a deficiency in important nutrients. Therefore, you may want to consider taking some fiber supplements, like psyllium husks or linseed.


To soften stools, drink plenty of water and eat high fiber foods. Softening your stool is important because it will cause less strain when you are having a bowel movement, which will relieve some of the pain that is associated with hemorrhoids. Papaya, grapes and watermelon are all great examples of food that helps you to soften your stool. Fibrous vegetables also are beneficial, including okra or cabbage. You want to stay hydrated as well, so make sure you drink a lot of water throughout your day.


You may have checked many places for advice on how to best treat your painful hemorrhoids. We are glad that you chose to read this article. Use the ideas we have provided here, and you should find yourself feeling better, yet please take not that consulting with us in person is the best way to treat your hemorrhoids, and for you to make sure that you do not have something more serious going on.

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