Scope For Hope 5K

More than 140,000 people a year are diagnosed with having Colon Cancer, and each year 50,000 people die from Colon Cancer. FIFTY THOUSAND! It is the second leading cause of death by cancer only to be outpaced by lung cancer. Colon Cancer does not discriminate by age, race, sex, education or income level. Colon Cancer can by symptomatic or strike without pain or warning . It is a disease that can steal away years of remaining life, yet it is a disease that if detected early enough via a colonoscopy screening is in most cases PREVENTABLE – TREATABLE – BEATABLE.

In seeking to spread the word that this war is a winnable one, the Colon Cancer Coalition was formed to help raise community awareness about colon cancer by promoting a sporting event called “The Get Your Rear In Gear 5k race or walk for Colon Cancer”. This event is held in many cities nationally throughout the United States. In Fort Myers, avid marathon runner and The Colorectal Institute’s very own Dr. Janette Gaw heads this annual event at Hammond Stadium (Spring training stadium for the Minnesota Twins.)

In March of 2011, Dr. Gaw along with co-chairperson and colon cancer survivor Vera Owens promoted the 1st annual Fort Myers GYRIG 5K running event, in which over 400 participants attended. A welcoming surprise was that the participants were cheered on by the Minnesota Twins. The money raised from the event is used for colon cancer research and to help locals who are financially unable to meet the cost of their medical needs receive diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Gaw and Mrs. Owens have a mission: to make the words colon, colorectal, and colonoscopy common words we are not ashamed of speaking. They want to help those that have a fear of embarrassment regarding this topic seek early screening via Colonoscopy and receive the advice and treatment they need for this largely preventable cancer. In 2014 a new name was introduced and this very successful annual event continues under the name Scope For Hope 5 K.

This years race will take place on MARCH 12, 2016. The event will again take place at Hammond Stadium off Plantation Road in Fort Myers, Florida. To sign up for this years race, or to donate and help us win the fight against Colon Cancer click HERE.

Dr. Janette Gaw and Mrs. Vera Owens appear on Fox4’s Morning Blend with Carley Wegner to spread the word about the 2016 Scope For Hope 5K run:


Mrs. Vera Owens talks about her victory over Colon Cancer after winning her age group at 2011 GYRIG Race:


John Cook Talks About Colonoscopy Grant money he received from Get Your Rear In Gear Race Proceeds:

Scope For Hope 2013


The inaugural run in 2011